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As told by Shu Quan (Certified ACE PT):-

During her summer break, her mother told her to do something productive instead of just waking up in the late afternoon, lazing around and chilling out at the mall all the time. When asked what would be considered to be ‘productive’, her mother’s response was “I don’t know? Take up a course of some sort. Anything that you will gain knowledge from”. So she browsed through the web and looked up at different courses.

Mandarin was her first choice, but she figured it’ll be impossible to pick up one of the world’s hardest languages in just four weeks.

Having been active with circuit training just recently, she decided to take up a Personal Training course in Malaysia, and FIT’s the only place that offers the American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Training course. Two months later, she passed her exam and is now a Certified Personal Trainer!

ACE Certified PT

That girl from the story, that’s me. When I looked up on ACE, what appeared to be a self study course has such condensed information that if I had chose to do it by myself, the chances of me passing would have been lower than 50%. I know you have probably heard me saying this a few times, but I’m going to tell you again anyway.


The facilitators at FIT (Sanaz, Key, Simran, Kim, and Jerrican) have really conducted the classes so well that it exceeded my expectations. Prior to taking the intensive course, I was worried that I might fall asleep in class, or better yet, completely miss a session! Well guess what, it was the other way round. I enjoyed my classes SO much, I didn’t want to leave the place. Haha! Although my scores were not exceptionally high,but hey, I did pass!

And I passed without having to flip through the big textbook and downing mugs of coffee just to burn the midnight oil and memorize all the details in there. This was merely because all the knowledge that I needed was already drilled into my head from the classes conducted. Moreover, the facilitators at FIT were very willing to share their knowledge with the students (you might be thinking, we are educators, OBVIOUSLY we’ll have to preach whatever we know to the students). Tsktsk, I’ve attended several courses whereby the educators only teach you just enough, and not more than an ounce that you need to know.

Moving on, I also appreciate the fact that FIT took me in as an intern, even though I was only able to stay for three weeks. Resistance training is something I have never done in my entire life. Like most girls, stepping into the gym and lifting weights has never been the reason I go to the gym. It was after the ACE course that I learned how to build strength without hypertrophying. Although I did get the theory part of the course, there wasn’t any practical exam for it. This was where FIT Malaysia came in and taught me how to use barbells and cables and medicine balls, etc etc. I was taught how to lift weights with the right techniques. Within 3 weeks, I managed to pick up 20 over different exercises that can be done using body weight. Through FIT, I have developed several skills which I think would really help me in life. These include creativity, critical thinking, patience, and modesty.


3 Responses to “Student turn PT during summer break”

  1. I am interested to become a personal trainer, but i don know is there any approved and recognized certificate to let me becoming an approved personal trainer..

  2. Jacqueline Yee says:

    I am a sabahan girl, age 20. Am interested to become a personal trainer. Is there any Training Centre in Kota Kinabalu or I have to attend at your training centre in Kuala Lumpur.

  3. Gip Soong Won Ling says:

    Kindly sms me at 016 6663310 for your next intake for ACE certification (weekend courses).Thank you.