Meet The TEAM Players!

Jerrican's Gallery

Jerrican Tan

Role: Managing Director in FITM, Fitness Educator FIT Asia, Regional Manager FIT Asia, Mens Health Malaysia fitness Advisor, Fitness Industry Advisor For UPM, USM and TAR-UC.

Education and Qualifications:

  • ISSN – SNS
  • ACSM – CPT
  • B. Accounting
  • Fitness Specialisation: Personal Trainer, Physique Transformation.

    Former Position: Audit Assistant for Deloitte.

    Achievements: Mr Malaysia Junior 2001, Mr Asia 2002 Finalist.

    Hobbies: Spending time with love ones, massage and travel to beach locations to relax.

    Favorite Workout Type: Bodybuilding, Strength, Running, Outdoor Cycling.

    Favorite Food: Fried Chicken.

    Most Common Food: Chicken Rice, Chinese – rice and dishes.

    Personality: Lovable (LOL).

    Eeling's Gallery

    Ee-Ling, Yeoh

    Role: Education Manager FITM,FIT Asia Educator, Fitness Advisor for Womens Health and Men's Health Malaysia

    Education and Qualifications:

    • BSc. (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics
    • ACE CPT – HC – MES
    • NASM FNS
    • Certified EFR Instructor

    Former Position: Dietitian.

    Achievements: FITM Employee of the year 2015.

    Hobbies: Travelling and watching TV.

    Favorite Workout Type: Resistance and Functional Training.

    Favorite Food: Soup.

    Most Common Food: Chicken Breast.

    Personality: Steady.

    June's Gallery

    June Lee

    Role: Business Development Manager, Fitness Educator.

    Education and Qualifications:

    • ACE-CPT

    Former Position: N/A

    Achievements: Second runner up for AFC WFF Bikini Fitness Comp

    Hobbies: Running, Reading, Movies

    Favorite Workout Type: Weight Training, Met Cons

    Favorite Food: Juicy and Meaty Burger with Pineapple

    Most Common Food: Chicken Rice.

    Personality: Bubbly.

    Rex's Gallery

    Rex Lee

    Role: Education Advisor, Fitness Tutor, Educator.

    Education and Qualifications:

    • BSc. Sports Science
    • ACE CPT (CFI)

    Achievements: Certificate of Excellence 2015,2016 FITM.

    Hobbies: Traveling and Shopping.

    Fitness Specialisation: Corrective Training, Weight Training, Bodybuilding, Weight Loss and Weight Gain.

    Favourite Workout Type:Weight Training, Circuit Training.

    Favorite Food: Salmon Sashimi and Beef Steak.

    Common Food: Chicken Breast, Salmon Sashimi and Brocoli.

    Personality: “Talk To Me If You Want To Know Me”.

    Hazli Ali 's Gallery

    Mohd Hazli Ali Zapar

    Role: Group Fitness Education Coordinator, Fitness Educator.

    Education and Qualifications:

    • Bachelor Of Business and Commerce
    • ACE PT
    • GFIT
    • Trainfitness Programme Leader

    Achievements: Sabah’s Prime Youth Award, Sabah’s Young Generation Award

    Hobbies: Travelling.

    Favorite Workout Type: Cardio Conditioning

    Favorite Food: Thin Crust Pizza.

    Most Common Food: Chicken.

    Personality: Playful.

    Sulian's Gallery

    Joey Ong

    Role: Education Executive, Fitness Educator.

    Education and Qualifications:

    • DLp in Physiotherapy
    • ACE CPT

    Achievements: ACE CPT, TKD Black Belt Holder since 2006.

    Former Positions: Clinical Physiotherapist.

    Hobbies: Travelling, Reading, Swimming, Anything Related to Music.

    Favorite Workout Type: Functional Circuit and Swimming.

    Favorite Food: Meatball with Blackpepper Chesse Gravy.

    Most Common Food: Chicken.

    Personality: Supportive.

    Gavin's Gallery

    Gavin Tee Ch'ng Wei

    Role: Fitness Educator And Tutor, FIT Asia Educator

    Education and Qualifications:

    • Bachelors Degree in Accounting & Taxation from the University of Auckland
    • ACE CPT
    • CSCS

    Achievements: ACE CPT, CSCS.

    Hobbies: Gaming, Eating, Lifting.

    Favorite Workout Type: Hypertrophy.

    Favorite Food: Almost all kinds of cake.

    Common Food: Bread, Carbs.

    Personality: Pretty boring.

    Valentina's Gallery

    Valentina Ong

    Role: Education Adviser.

    Education and Qualifications:

    • CFI, CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy

    Achievements: Taekwondo (Jr.Black), Olahragawati.

    Hobbies: Cycling, Hiking, Bowling, Jungle Trekking and Explore.

    Fitness Specialisation: Small Group PT, One On One Personal Training.

    Favourite Workout Type:HIIT, Cardio and Weight Training.

    Favorite Food: Home Cooked Food .. Coz Its Healthy.

    Common Food: Subway Sandwich and Pasta.

    Personality: Active, Adventures, Love Challenge, Flexible, Friendly and Helpful.

    Zurita's Gallery

    Zurita Zahri

    Role: Education Adviser.

    Education and Qualifications:

    • Associates of Business Executives (ABE) . Uk

    Achievements: Miss Body Beautiful Sweetheart International 1995, Miss Malaysia Queen of Clubs 1997-98, Miss Wilayah World 1993, Miss Toystn 2 nd Runner Up 2004.

    Hobbies: Reading and Travelling (Road Trips).

    Fitness Specialisation: Therapy and Body Coaching (Wellness).

    Favourite Workout Type:Functional Circuit Training.

    Favorite Food: Nasi Lemak And Sashimi.

    Common Food: Rice, Fish and Vegetables.

    Personality: Friendly And Helpful.

    Shakil's Gallery

    Shakil Ahmed

    Role: Operations Executive And Help Marketing Team

    Education and Qualifications:

    • Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management
    • Certified Fitness Instructor (CFI)

    Hobbies: Listening Music, Painting and playing Volleyball.

    Favorite Food: Biryani.

    Common Food: Rice, Chicken and Vegi.

    Personality: Simple Fun loving Kinda.

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