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Consistently training the body with its functional design and basic human movement patterns is the simple philosophy of rip:60™ training. rip:60™ training allows the user to get a total-body workout simply by using, but not limited to, one piece of equipment. Every individual, regardless of their age or fitness level, can participate in rip:60™ raining. The intensity can quickly be increased or lessened by simply moving your feet and changing your body angle.

rip:60™ training demands integrated muscular strength to perform every movement, thus preparing the user to move more efficiently in the world. Each workout focuses on building flexibility, strength, stability and balance by replicating natural movements such as pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging and squatting. The rip:60™ Trainer is a safe, simple and fun way to train the body. It challenges the body the way it was designed to function while training it to perform efficiently.


Benefits of Rotation

The rip:60™ Trainer features suspended rotation. With suspended rotation, your body is forced to stabilize and balance throughout your workout so you engage more muscles and constantly target your core with every move. The instability created by the suspended rotation engages the nervous system and teaches the muscles in your body to synchronize, leading to more strength, power and results. Rotation is the key to power.

Training with the rip:60™ Trainer can help clients:-

· Improve the way their body moves and feels
· Decrease body fat
· Increase lean muscle mass
· Increase energy and endurance
· Improve balance
· Improve flexibility
· Improve performance

Upon completion of the rip:60™ Training Course, the fitness professional will be able to:

· Understand and explain the importance of rip:60™ training
· Understand and explain the importance of functional and three-dimensional movements
· Use the rip:60™ Trainer as an effective tool to progress clients to reach their goals using the unique and effective programming
· Create and implement programs for every client at any fitness level

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